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A mindfulness book for when you decide, "I'm not going to live like that!"

Dr. Good's book is organized into 3 sections--a moment, a gift, a journey. Each section explores a different meaning of the word present. She shares how mindfulness helps her deal with perfectionism and the scattered world. Exercises encourage readers to reflect and document their own journey. She hopes the practices will invite the joy and confidence you need to share your story.

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Dr. Good has participated in mentoring programs for pre-health professionals for over 12 years and regularly holds writing workshops for medical students.  Students at all levels of training can work 1-on-1 with Dr. Good to capture their passion!  Cost of mini-course includes review & feedback on 1 draft. 

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Mindfulness Blog of Candace Good, MD    

How to Shrink a Shrink is the mindfulness blog where Dr. Good lovingly shares personal stories of her adventures in mindfulness.

Yoga is more than postures (asanas), breathing, and meditation. Yoga is a lifestyle. Her practice helps her deal with perfectionism through self-compassion.

Dr. Good speaks of the gifts of the practice, like awakening creativity. She shares her writing hoping others will feel empowered to lead by sharing their stories.

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