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The Book

Present is a collection of personal stories and mindfulness exercises for anyone who wants to show up and protect their energy in a scattered world.

Explore how you can be kinder to yourself despite anxiety and be more present for the moments that count! 

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The Doctor

Candace Good, MD is a psychiatrist, author, business owner and advocate. She founded Sig: Wellness, LLC in 2018 to make breathing, meditation, and conscious movement more accessible to the people who can benefit the most, people like her with anxiety and other stress-related conditions.

About Dr. Good

The Studio

Sig: Wellness Studio is a space for mindfulness based self-care to help people manage anxiety and decrease stress. The suite is welcoming and doesn't feel like a doctor's office or a yoga studio.

Dr. Good invites wellness practitioners who share this vision to co-locate services to offer 1-on-1 or small group programs. All providers are sensitive to individual client needs. 

Sig: Wellness Studio

The Blog

Dr. Good discusses general mental health topics and evidence-based complimentary treatments to improve mood and decrease stress.

Many of the posts highlight her adventures in mindfulness and how yoga helps her deal with perfectionism through self-compassion.

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