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Virtual Wellness Studio

Course offerings are an affordable way to learn more about stress management and general mental health topics. Many students go on to meet with the wellness practitioners in person at Sig: Wellness Studio or via telehealth consultation.  

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Personal Statement Writing & Editing

Dr. Good has participated in mentoring programs for pre-health professionals for over 12 years and regularly holds writing workshops for medical students.  Students at all levels of training can work 1-on-1 with Dr. Good to capture their passion!  Cost of mini-course includes review & feedback on 1 draft. 

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Mindfulness-Based Leadership for Women

Dr. Good's book will outline how practicing yoga and meditation helped her deal with perfectionism to become a more confident leader.

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What is a Wellness Studio?    

The mission of Sig: Wellness, LLC is to provide every client with an opportunity to meet with an experienced mental health provider who maintains an open mind to the benefits of complementary therapies.  The studio setting promotes stress reduction while reinforcing that self-care requires practice, just like other fine arts.  The space welcomes like-minded wellness practitioners to co-locate services to create a community that supports emotional well-being. While they may share office space with Dr. Good, each provider is responsible for the care they provide and operate as separate businesses. 

Visit the Wellness Studio

New Stress Management Course

Self-care and the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda


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