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By Candace Good, MD


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320 Rolling Ridge Dr, Suite 203

State College, PA


A mind-body studio for the pratice of yoga, meditation, and other healing arts for stress management. 


Sleep for Worriers and Busy Minds

Alissa Yamasaki, PhD of Ayama Psychotherapy will facilitate this 4 session group workshop starting 10/23/19 at 5:30 pm. REGISTRATION REQUIRED

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Mindfulness Mini-Retreat

Explore the gift of self-care in a busy world. We review noticing and gratitude through different meanings of the word present. The practice includes beginner meditation and breathing techniques. This 3-hour retreat includes everything you need to begin your yoga journey! 

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Need an alternative to Happy Hour?

Dr. Good reviews her take on probiotics, evidence-based supplements, and Ayurvedic practices for stress reduction. Wellness workshops are for educational purposes only.

Small group (8-10): $25 per person, hosted one Friday a month at 5:30 pm.  

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Mindful Yoga

Individualized or small group instruction in meditation, conscious movement, and breathing practices (pranayama).  A special thanks to Justine Path to Calm for bringing her unique energy to the space!

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Yoga Therapy

The Healing Arts space currently hosts Lori's Exhale Yoga + Wellness yoga therapy clients who benefit from practicing on a massage table rather than the floor.

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Physical Therapy

Pelvic floor problems? You do not need to accept pelvic pain and incontinence as normal. Meet with Aliza Rudavsky, DPT, PhD of Centered Physio.

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