A compliment to Dr. Good's book, this course supports your mindfulness journey.

Learn to:

  • breathe & make space with meditation
  • protect your energy
  • set realistic expectations
  • invite contentment by calming perfectionism
  • redefine what it means to be brave
  • lead by sharing your story

Explore the meaning of present as a moment, a gift, and a journey with more direct guidance through the book. 

Book launch pricing $21.95

Video Commentary

Dr. Good introduces each chapter. Bonus: slide shows and practice alternate nostril breathing.

Tons of Pictures

Dr. Good shares personal photos and hand selected images that go along with her stories. 

Exclusive Downloads

Audio files of key meditations (body scan & loving kindness), and worksheets designed for the course. 

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Enjoy a sample of Dr. Good's down-to-earth teaching style!