What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Psychiatrist Candace Good, MD answers common questions about mindfulness meditation.

Learn how meditation can help reduce stress and anxiety. 

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What is mindfulness meditation?

Mindfulness meditation is a technique encouraging concentration, emotional positivity, clarity, and calm. This practice typically involves sitting queity for a period of time with your eyes closed.

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Where can I practice mindfulness meditation?

In addition to seated meditation, you can also practice meditating while walking, standing, and moving. It’s also possible to bring a  meditation practice to other activities like sports and yoga.

What are mala beads?

Malas are those necklaces yogis wear that look similar to rosary beads but malas are more than a fashion statement. A variety of religions use malas for meditation and prayer. When held in the hand, malas can help guide attention to mantra or breathing as each bead equals one repetition. Most malas have a marker, a tassel or guru bead, where you start and end so you can tell when you've completed the circle, even with your eyes closed.

Breathe to Make Space

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What are wellness workshops?

Dr. Good brings her personal experience with mindfulness to her mind-body wellness workshops. She herself practices focused attention, mindfulness, and transcendental meditation.

Dr. Good's programs help you better understand the role mindfulness can play in stress reduction and improving your overall mental health.

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Dr. Good's Top 10 Tips for Starting a Mindfulness Practice

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What It Takes To Live In The Moment With Anxiety

The book explains the “I’m not going to live like that!” mindset that helped her tame perfectionism to facilitate change. Mindfulness concepts of noticing, gratitude, and non-attachment are introduced alongside the definitions of the word present. The three sections of the book explore present as a moment, a gift, and a journey to self-acceptance.


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