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gratitude selfcare Jun 01, 2020

Today I stopped behind two cars with their blinkers on. When I was telling my husband this story, he interrupted me. Apparently blinkers are actually called hazard lights; I told him this is exactly why I have a blog.

At first I couldn’t tell what was going on, but then I saw them, 6 fuzzy heads crossing the road ahead of one proud momma goose. She was clearly Canadian and not American as she took her time crossing the street, so much so that I looked at the other drivers’ facial expressions.

They were smiling.

Now I live by a golf course, so wildlife impeding traffic is an event I’ve seen played out many times on my way to work. People are always in a rush, looking annoyed, or even beeping their horns to “speed it up a little”.

But today, after months of stay at home orders, these drivers are enjoying the moment. Grateful to be out of the house, grateful to have a job to go to, grateful that life goes on. In the past, I don’t think I would have...

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