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book mindfulness publishing Aug 23, 2020

Message inside each book:


August 25, 2020


Dear Neighbor,

Launching a book into the world is like being a kid again and letting go of a balloon with a note tied to the end. You imagine the places it could go and hope it doesn’t get stuck in a tree!

Just like it is not environmentally conscious to release balloons into the air, it doesn’t seem socially responsible to gather friends and family for a book signing during COVID-19 restrictions.

I decided to take the money I would have spent on wine to pay it forward. I placed my books in Little Free Libraries around town with a gift certificate to support a local business.

The bow on the gift on the cover is a lotus flower, a reminder that something beautiful can grow from muddy water. Isn’t that what we all want on the other side of this pandemic?

I trust this book found you at this time for a reason and encourage you to pass it along to someone important in your life.

I’d love to hear from you or a...

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Publishing in a Pandemic--A Lesson in Mindfulness

mindfulness publishing Aug 11, 2020

I started writing my first book in March of 2019, only a year before the COVID-19 pandemic, but it seems like another lifetime. I’m sure I didn’t conjure coronavirus, but on many days I’ve felt like writing a mindfulness book gave the universe permission to test my coping skills, “OK, you call yourself a mindfulness expert? Let's see how you deal with this!”

Publishing is one place you are encouraged to judge a book by its cover--a cover meant to have my picture on it. I needed an updated headshot and made an appointment for a few months ahead of my deadline. March 2020 brought worldwide chaos and uncertainty due to coronavirus; it didn’t seem right to meet with the photographer, so I rescheduled for April.

Good, more time to make myself beautiful, though working from home through the spring was more about Oreos and yoga pants than self-improvement. No worries, I’ll get my hairstylist to touch up my roots right before my photoshoot, but the...

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