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Meeting Elephant Journal founder Waylon Lewis

The sound is a little glitchy at first but it gets better promise! Check out our chat about embracing imperfections with mindfulness on IGTV

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5 Ways To Protect Your Energy

I so enjoyed getting to chat with Prezence app CEO Colleen Hayes on IGTV. I guess I did OK as I was invited to guest blog and record some content with them!

Enjoy this post and their beautiful logo on a fall pic--it's starting to feel a bit chilly in the morning...

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Own Your Present is now available for purchase!

book mindfulness publishing Aug 23, 2020

Message inside each book:


August 25, 2020


Dear Neighbor,

Launching a book into the world is like being a kid again and letting go of a balloon with a note tied to the end. You imagine the places it could go and hope it doesn’t get stuck in a tree!

Just like it is not environmentally conscious to release balloons into the air, it doesn’t seem socially responsible to gather friends and family for a book signing during COVID-19 restrictions.

I decided to take the money I would have spent on wine to pay it forward. I placed my books in Little Free Libraries around town with a gift certificate to support a local business.

The bow on the gift on the cover is a lotus flower, a reminder that something beautiful can grow from muddy water. Isn’t that what we all want on the other side of this pandemic?

I trust this book found you at this time for a reason and encourage you to pass it along to someone important in your life.

I’d love to hear from you or a...

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Meet My Yoga Teacher

book mindfulness yoga Aug 18, 2020

I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with one of my favorite people, Justine Andronici from Path to Calm

We talk about why NOW is such an important time to practice mindfulness. 

This is me in the moment with Justine's dog, Karma. He's not as good at social distancing as Justine! Peahen Penelope didn't make her appearance until after I left. 


Own Your Present: A Psychiatrist's Guide to Mindful Meditation and Living a More Conscious Lifestyle will be available through major online booksellers on August 25th!


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Publishing in a Pandemic--A Lesson in Mindfulness

mindfulness publishing Aug 11, 2020

I started writing my first book in March of 2019, only a year before the COVID-19 pandemic, but it seems like another lifetime. I’m sure I didn’t conjure coronavirus, but on many days I’ve felt like writing a mindfulness book gave the universe permission to test my coping skills, “OK, you call yourself a mindfulness expert? Let's see how you deal with this!”

Publishing is one place you are encouraged to judge a book by its cover--a cover meant to have my picture on it. I needed an updated headshot and made an appointment for a few months ahead of my deadline. March 2020 brought worldwide chaos and uncertainty due to coronavirus; it didn’t seem right to meet with the photographer, so I rescheduled for April.

Good, more time to make myself beautiful, though working from home through the spring was more about Oreos and yoga pants than self-improvement. No worries, I’ll get my hairstylist to touch up my roots right before my photoshoot, but the...

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How can I let negative thoughts go?


All our lives we are taught to judge. Are we doing our best? Is she a good person? Which pie deserves the blue ribbon?

Mindfulness teaches us that the key to greater contentment is to practice noticing or nonjudgment.

Nonjudgment took me awhile to understand, mainly as certain therapy techniques, like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) rely on labelling a negative thought as a cognitive distortion. I struggled with CBT as I continued to have so many thoughts and the whole process took a lot of energy.

Now I think of negative thoughts as bugs, brain glitches that happen when my mind is stressed. I don't believe the thoughts and I don't let them take over my day. I've learned to coexist with them, just like we do with real bugs. 

This video explains how I practice nonjudgment. I've learned to avoid labeling thoughts as good or bad, but choose to treat the thought differently.

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It's OK to have a lot of thoughts when you meditate

meditation mindfulness Jun 12, 2020

Welcome to my first VLOG where I discuss how common it is to feel like you have too many thoughts when you are trying to meditate.

I describe how our thoughts behave by sharing one of my favorite children's books.

Why waste energy trying to control our thoughts? Wouldn't it be better to find a way to coexist with them?

Rx meditation--Dr. G

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Are you ready to listen?

mindfulness Jun 09, 2020

“It was an honor, to be listened to closely, to be heard. One could honor someone without agreeing with them.” ― Meg Waite Clayton, The Last Train to London


“Are you even listening?” My husband used to complain about my hearing. I’d come home from work in the evenings and he’d accuse me of ignoring him.

I did not believe I had a hearing problem and blamed the constant background noise of the TV; I had to tune out his yelling during hockey, football, NASCAR, and the news. But when I started missing things my patients were saying, I decided to get checked out.

The results of my hearing test were normal. The audiologist explained the problem was that other parts of my brain were working overtime to interpret what I was hearing. Just like a muscle, the brain’s ability to process sound can fatigue.

“I see this in people who do a lot of active listening. What do you do for a living?” He was pleased when I answered psychiatrist....

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Have you ever murdered a cake?

mindfulness perfectionism May 17, 2020

I’ve baked cakes that didn’t taste (or look) like a masterpiece; they’ve been under-baked or a little dry, but I’ve never had a cake turn on me on so many levels. This angel food cake fell apart in my hands like I had shot it!

My husband was looking for healthier desserts online and pulled off this angel food cake recipe. He proudly came home with egg whites “already separated” in that milk carton container. He busts on my cooking all the time; I couldn’t believe I knew something he didn’t!

“Ha ha, you can’t make an angel food cake with that! The pasteurization does something to the proteins, it says so right on the box!” Luckily he bought regular eggs too, but with so many items missing from the store during COVID-19, should we really be wasting a dozen eggs on a cake?

With an entire day off and nowhere to go, I casually waited until afternoon to get started on our make-up cake. I studied the recipe—wait for...

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What Do You Want To Carry Into The New Normal?

mindfulness reflect write Apr 23, 2020

Six weeks of social distancing encourages self-reflection; the pace of life has changed, at least for this moment. 

Before COVID-19 (B.C.), we were early into the new year, depleted after the holidays, but with the hope of filling up. In March and April, we got that immediate family time, longer days, and greener grass. Spring is everything we said we wanted--just not the way we wanted. 

I'm thankful for lovely writing teachers who encourage me to list intentions or habits I'd like to carry forward when the state reopens after covid (A.C.). What baggage can I leave behind when I'm able to venture out again into the new normal?

B.C.:  I was a checklist person who viewed any down time as non-productive. Even yoga was practiced on a schedule and for a specific reason. Watching the news, the loss, the strain on the local economy--my checklists don't seem as important now. 

A.C.: I still struggle to view my relaxation time as valuable. Why does all my time need to be...

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