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A gratitude practice stores energy

gratitude selfcare Jun 01, 2020

Today I stopped behind two cars with their blinkers on. When I was telling my husband this story, he interrupted me. Apparently blinkers are actually called hazard lights; I told him this is exactly why I have a blog.

At first I couldn’t tell what was going on, but then I saw them, 6 fuzzy heads crossing the road ahead of one proud momma goose. She was clearly Canadian and not American as she took her time crossing the street, so much so that I looked at the other drivers’ facial expressions.

They were smiling.

Now I live by a golf course, so wildlife impeding traffic is an event I’ve seen played out many times on my way to work. People are always in a rush, looking annoyed, or even beeping their horns to “speed it up a little”.

But today, after months of stay at home orders, these drivers are enjoying the moment. Grateful to be out of the house, grateful to have a job to go to, grateful that life goes on. In the past, I don’t think I would have...

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Gratitude for Imperfections

gratitude perfectionism Sep 20, 2019

Kintsugi is a Japanese art where lacquer and gold powder fill in cracks in broken pottery. The piece is considered more valuable as the breakage is part of the object’s history.

Growing up in a broken home, I often blamed myself for other’s distress. I tried to be perfect so everything would be OK, and over time, developed OCD. When I achieved my goal of getting into medical school, this perfectionistic pattern fueled my impostor syndrome. It was only a matter of time until everyone found out I wasn’t ‘good enough’ to be there.

No surprise, I became a child psychiatrist. It never occurred to me that my specialty choice was about understanding my childhood and learning how to ‘fix’ myself. With endless clinical hours helping others heal from trauma, there was little time to process the triggering aspects of the work. I never slowed down to care for myself and continued to give from a place of depletion. Aren’t good doctors supposed...

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