Now is the time to OWN YOUR PRESENT!

How can I let negative thoughts go?


All our lives we are taught to judge. Are we doing our best? Is she a good person? Which pie deserves the blue ribbon?

Mindfulness teaches us that the key to greater contentment is to practice noticing or nonjudgment.

Nonjudgment took me awhile to understand, mainly as certain therapy techniques, like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) rely on labelling a negative thought as a cognitive distortion. I struggled with CBT as I continued to have so many thoughts and the whole process took a lot of energy.

Now I think of negative thoughts as bugs, brain glitches that happen when my mind is stressed. I don't believe the thoughts and I don't let them take over my day. I've learned to coexist with them, just like we do with real bugs. 

This video explains how I practice nonjudgment. I've learned to avoid labeling thoughts as good or bad, but choose to treat the thought differently.


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