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Wow- this book is a GEM and TRULY, a present to yourself. I have had enough of books that promise "the solution" and of course, cannot deliver. This book, however, gave me peace and laugh-out-loud release from the introduction- no easy feat during this crazy 2020 year! If you have ever started your day with good intentions of self-care- working out, doing meditation, cleaning your closet...and then life interrupted six million times and you ended the day snapping at your spouse or kid- this book is for you (and by that, I mean US!) Grab this book on your tablet or in paperback (my forever preference), and get ready to let go of some of that heavy weight you've been carrying. Kudos to Dr. Good (can that actually be her real name?? How PERFECT for a psychiatrist!) As a family physician, I will 100% be "prescribing" this for my patients, friends & family.

Reading this book feels just like sitting down with a friend and talking over a good cup of coffee! Dr. Good shares very powerful personal stories to illustrate her path to mindfulness. She shares examples of how she incorporates living in the present into her daily life as a wife/mom/doctor/author/yogi—-which makes mindfulness seem more accessible to all of us. Her knowledge of psychiatry, therapy techniques, and brain functioning add an additional dimension that I really enjoyed. This is a very down to earth and practical book and I highly recommend it.

I have found mindfulness challenging and quite frankly most books are fluffy--focused for people with experience in yoga/meditation. I am a business owner and physician and do not have the patience to force meditation via the usual routes. This book gives examples and ways to incorporate mindfulness into your life without it being idealistic or unattainable. I use these ideas to focus on the immediate moment--and for periods of time forget outside satellite issues. Great book for "real" people!

Mindfulness for Busy People

Learn how to:

  • breathe & make space with meditation
  • protect your energy
  • set realistic expectations
  • invite contentment by calming perfectionism
  • redefine what it means to be brave
  • lead by sharing your story
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Own Your Present

A psychiatrist's guide to mindful meditation and living a more conscious lifestyle.

Everyday demands pull us in all different directions. Our lives can feel scattered, and we often find ourselves reacting to stress rather than pausing to appreciate the moment. We rush around to keep up with our personal and professional to-do lists, yet we still feel defeated, like we’re missing out on something. There’s a lot working against us in this scattered world, but a mindfulness practice helps us reset, protect our energy, and move forward with a more peaceful heart.
In Own Your Present, Dr. Candace Good provides you with a path to a more mindful life, helping you reconnect your body and mind with your surroundings. She shares engaging and deeply personal stories of her own struggles with anxiety to show you what it looks like to move beyond your past and inner critic to accept what is, imperfections and all. Dr. Good offers practical advice, therapy techniques, and activities as a map to help you begin or deepen your mindfulness practice. Owning your present, you’ll come to learn, is not only noticing a moment or a gift before you but also committing to a journey to rediscover your authentic self, so you can show up when it counts. Regardless of what is happening in the world, you have what it takes to live in the moment!  

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Dr. Good's book is the first selection by Well Spirit Press, the official publishing imprint of Well Spirit Collective and Urban Wellness Magazine.

“This book is a much-needed read for anyone trying to juggle everything and do so perfectly. Dr. Good provides laugh-out-loud examples of the ridiculous standards we as women, mothers, colleagues and partners put on ourselves to do it all and then some more. She gives us permission to be perfectly imperfect and to stop abandoning ourselves daily to care for everyone else but ourselves. Own Your Present is heartfelt, relatable, and hilarious.”
—Meghan Fritz, LCSW, co-founder of Change Your Story
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