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"Thank you for being a very human, kind, and funny face of mindfulness."

Waylon Lewis
Founder, Elephant Journal

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As an expert for Psychology Today, Dr. Good offers a mindful approach to life and leadership with anxiety and stress. 

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The Book

Own Your Present is a collection of personal stories and mindfulness exercises for anyone seeking to be kinder to themselves in stressful times.

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The Online Course

Do you remember sitting with a friend in library class in school? A book buddy made reading fun.

A companion to the book, the course includes Dr. Good's video commentary, pictures and downloads.            

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The Studio

 Sig: Wellness Studio is a space for mindfulness based self-care to help people manage anxiety and decrease stress.

The suite is welcoming and doesn't feel like a doctor's office or a yoga studio.

Dr. Good welcomes like-minded practitioners to co-locate wellness services. Check out our unique programs!

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Candace Good, MD

Psychiatrist, Author, Business Owner, Advocate


How To Shrink A Shrink Blog

Dr. Good discusses yoga & general mental health topics as well as evidence-based complimentary treatments to improve mood and decrease stress.

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